How can you help? We’re glad you asked..

Cash, checks or money orders are never refused. Those who find it difficult to give one lump sum may be happy to know that donations of any size can be made on an intermittent basis. Donations can be sent monthly, quarterly or when ever you are so moved.

A seat may be named in the honor of anyone you choose, including yourself! What a wonderful remembrance for a loved one! A brass plate with the person’s name will be affixed to the armrest. The name will be there forever for all patrons to see. The first five rows of seats are $2,000 each; all the rest of the seats are $1,000 each. The payment may be spread over a three-year period. This is a great gift and it is tax deductible, too!

You may dedicate another part of the Performing Arts Center in someone’s name with a larger gift. Things like the Control Room, the Porte Cochere, the Orchestra Pit, a Dressing Room and so on can all be dedicated in honor of someone. An appropriate engraved brass plaque will be affixed in or near the particular item you have chosen. The ultimate gift of $500,000 will give you the privilege of naming the facility.

RECOGNITION WALL: In the lobby, prominently located, is the beautifully designed “Friends of the Paradise Performing Arts Center” recognition wall. There on is inscribed for posterity the names of all persons who have made a gift of $5,000 or more. The lists of names not only include individuals, but the names of husbands and wives, families, memorials, and the names of organizations and businesses. Just think if you own a business or company, that name on the recognition wall will reflect your community minded spirit to everyone that walks in the front doors. It is like an advertisement that will go on forever. The price is tax deductible. Where else can you get a deal like that?

Purchase a Life Insurance Policy and name the Performing Arts Center as the Beneficiary.

Bequeath the Performing Arts Center in your will.

You may donate any of these items and pay no taxes on the appreciation in value from the date of purchase.

Wills, Trusts and Property can be used as part of Charitable Estate Planning. There are ways to accomplish this and everyone is a winner. This is an excellent way to give and still receive. This method of gifting is best accomplished with the assistance of a professional estate planner. For more information plan to attend an Estate Planning Seminar.

Gifts in kind, or non-cash gifts, are gratefully received. Many supporters of the Performing Arts Center have access to goods and services that may be of use to the PPAC. Donors are thanked in writing and may be entitled to income tax deductions based on their gifts.

Your free time and special skills can make a tremendous difference in helping the PPAC bring the arts to our area. By volunteering at the Center you can help offset what would otherwise be monetary expenses in the operation of the facility.

The Support Group is a group of volunteers that provide a great deal of help to the organization. Members can choose to work in one or several vital areas:

1. Fundraising
2. Office Help
3. Program Ad Sales
4. Publicity
5. Backstage Crew

6. Usher Corps
7. Tech Crew
8. Facility Cleanup
9. Grounds Maintenance
10. Hospitality Team

Anyone with experience in or interested in volunteer work in any of the above areas should call the office at 872-8454 and leave your name and phone number. The coordinator of the support group will contact you. We desperately need more volunteer workers. Your support is vital to keeping the PPAC functioning in our community.